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  • Resistance (#1)

    During World War 2, a boy named Paul and his younger sister, Marie, find out that the German soldiers have taken their friend Henri's parents. They decide to hide him.

    I liked this book because I ...

  • Wonder

    This book is about a boy named Auggie that lives with his sister, mom and dad. Auggie has a deformation on his face that makes him stand out more than normal. I liked it because it tells that you ...

  • The sun trail (#1 Dawn of the Clans)

    "The Sun Trail" is about a group of mountain cats that are running out of food because of the winter. The cats are starving so they split up and head across the mountains along the "Sun Trail", ...

  • The Flame of Olympus (#1 Pegasus)

    The Flame of Olympus is about a girl and a pegasus. The Flame of Olympus is going out when a four-armed army attacks. The girl and the pegasus save the flame with the help from a thief, a god, a ...

  • Out of my mind

    This book is about a girl named Melody. Melody has cerebral palsy, she cannot talk, walk, or eat on her own. She is really smart but nobody can hear her thoughts. Melody starts school and is able to ...

  • Smile

    This book is about Raina when she was in eighth grade and high school. After going to Girl Scouts, she knocks her two front teeth out and has to get them replaced. Not only does she have to deal ...

  • The lighthouse mystery

    This book is about a family of 4 children and a grandfather who go to a lighthouse to live in for the summer. They solve a mystery between a father and son. The father and son get what they want. I ...

  • Siren sisters

    This book was about four sisters. Three are sirens. The fourth sister has a best friend named Jason. He does a sailing competition. Sirens sing and lead ships to their doom. So Lolly, the fourth ...

  • Nine, ten : a September 11 story

    9/10: A September 11 Story is about four kids that live in four different states that are all affected by the terrorist attacks of 9/11.

    I love how the author writes about four different people ...

  • Projekt 1065

    This is a book about a thirteen-year old boy from Ireland living in Berlin with his diplomatic parents. But this family is no ordinary family. They are spies that are spying on the Nazi Germans. ...

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  • WildfireWildfire

    Hamilton, Sable, 1949- author.

    Alisa and Diabolo are working as stunt doubles on the set of an adventure movies, but the Stardust stunt-riding stables in Colorado are facing bitter and underhanded competition from the High Noon stables--competition that includes dangerous sabotage.

  • The wild robot escapesThe wild robot escapes

    Brown, Peter, 1979- author, illustrator.

    Roz the robot finds new adventures after being placed on the Shareef family farm. Despite learning how to survive on a remote island, the dangers of the farm are quite different and Roz must find a way to secure her freedom and find her son, Brightbill, before the tornadoes and wolves get her.

  • Walls within wallsWalls within walls

    Sherry, Maureen, author.

    When the Smithfork family moves into a lavish Manhattan apartment building, they discover clues to a decades-old mystery hidden behind the walls of their new home.

  • Tyrannosaurus rex vs. velociraptorTyrannosaurus rex vs. velociraptor

    Pallotta, Jerry, author.

    Studies the physical traits and behaviors of a Tyrannosaurus rex and a velociraptor, and theorizes who would win a fight between the two creatures. Features color illustrations, fact boxes, and an advantage checklist.

  • Twilight comes twiceTwilight comes twice

    Fletcher, Ralph J., author.

    Poetic prose describes dusk and dawn and some of the activities that take place at those special times.

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