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The austere academy (#5)

Review by Samantha Sands on February 14, 2017

Categories: Fiction, Mystery

This book is the fifth in The Series Of Unfortunate Events. I would rate this book five stars, because it was very mysterious and I could not put it down. This book was a page-turner, I just had to know what would happen next. There is much suspense, and I felt sympathetic towards the characters. I would recommend this book for ages eight or older because it has some dark humor and intense moments. The story is about three orphans that have an enormous fortune. Their evil relative had been plotting to steal their fortune, and they have to escape his clutches. This story takes place at a very strict boarding school with insane teachers and a very stubborn vice principal. Their evil relative pops up again at their boarding school, and the orphans and their new friends try to stop him. Will they succeed? Will they do well in their classes? Read the book to find out.