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Deep and dark and dangerous : a ghost story

Review by Ava Girard on May 21, 2019

Categories: Fiction, Thriller, Mystery

13 year old Ali goes to spend the summer with her aunt and her 4 year old cousin, Emma. As they're there, Ali notices that a girl named "Sissy" shows up. At first it was fine, until she started being really bratty and rude towards Ali. That ended up making Emma act more bratty. Ali remembers seeing a picture that her mom had, where someone was ripped out. On the back it said "T". She asked Dulcie, her aunt, about it. Dulcie explained that they had a friend named Teresa that died. Is Sissy the ghost? If so does she want revenge?
I overall LOVED this book!!! It was so scary, but with the right amount of mystery. I would recommend this book for 4th graders through middle schoolers.