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The school is alive! (#1 Eerie Elementary)

Review by Penelope Hale on October 2, 2018

Categories: Fiction, Fantasy, Just for Fun, Thriller

Eerie Elementary was about a boy who goes to a school that is haunted by the school's objects. He becomes hall monitor even though he doesn't want to. He falls asleep while in the hall and tries to escape the school but is haunted by objects. He sees the ground keeper and the ground keeper saves him. Then he tells his best friends about the night but they don't believe him until their school's play is attacked by different objects in the school. He and his friends try to save everybody but it might not be possible. There is one other book after this that is about the school trying to get revenge.

I liked this story because it is funny and a little scary.

This book would be for grades 2-4.