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Spy ski school (#4 Spy School)

Review by Jack Peterson on October 2, 2018

Categories: Mystery

In this book, a band of CIA kids battling evil in epic battles venture into the mountains of Colorado. Ben is assigned with Erica (whom he has a crush on) on a mission. They learn to ski, finding bad guys on the way, including a girl who had a rich dad. Her name was Jessica, and she had body guards left and right. Ben liked her as well but needed information on her dad. Then, they find out that there are nuclear weapons outfitted in the mountains and the race is on to disarm them as soon as possible.

This book is action packed and fun to read. It gets you on your toes reading at the speed of light to see what happens next, and will fascinate you every chapter. The fictional enviorment of this story gives you a real world experience, but in an amazing made-up world.

Recommended for 4th - 7th.