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The mysterious Benedict Society and the perilous journey (#2 MBS)

Review by Titus Groce on September 17, 2019

Categories: Fiction, Thriller, Realistic Fiction, Mystery

This book is about four kids who are very smart in different ways, and all take a test for a guy who needs them to stop the bad guy. The main characters' names are Reynie, Kate, Constance and Sticky. All the friends have to go to the bad guy's school where he brainwashes all of the workers. They have to find the secret base of the bad guy and destroy the brainwashing machine.

I love this book because it has a lot of mystery and has a lot of suspense in between the different chapters. Another reason why I love this book is because it also has a lot of action.

I recommend this book for people for who like action and fighting but with no dying, and for people who like mystery.