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  • The school is alive! (#1 Eerie Elementary)

    Eerie Elementary was about a boy who goes to a school that is haunted by the school's objects. He becomes hall monitor even though he doesn't want to. He falls asleep while in the hall and tries to ...

  • Drama

    Drama was about a girl who loved plays. The students want to do a play. New people came. Two boys want to be in the play.

    The book was interesting. I liked that the girl started that play.

  • Spy ski school (#4)

    In this book, a band of CIA kids battling evil in epic battles venture into the mountains of Colorado. Ben is assigned with Erica (whom he has a crush on) on a mission. They learn to ski, finding ...

  • Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone (#1)

    Harry Potter is a young boy living in the suburbs of London with his Aunt Petunia and Uncle Dursley. Everything should be just fine. But, Harry has to compete with his cousin. It seems just like ...

  • 11 birthdays (#1 Willow Falls)

    I loved this book! This book was all about two people named Leo and Amanda whose birthday is on the same day and always celebrated it together, until their last birthday when Leo said something ...

  • The austere academy (#5)

    This book is about 3 kids that have a dude after them, because he wants their family fortune. The problem is that they are orphans. They go to a boarding school where the principal is very annoying ...

  • The emperor's riddle

    The Emperor's Riddle is about a girl named Mia and her brother Jake. Their aunt goes missing but leaves a note. The note said "I'm gone with my friends". Everyone but Mia believes this. Mia drags ...

  • House of Secrets (#1)

    House of Secrets is about a family. There are three children that notice something odd about this house from the moment that they get there. When they find three books, they somehow get put into ...

  • League of Archers (#1)

    This book is about a girl named Ellie who is a nun. Her friends Jacob, Ralf, Margery, and Alice hunt with her. Soon The Baron starts some trouble and Ellie tries to stop it or make it right.


  • Prisoner B-3087

    This book talks about a boy who was Jewish. The Jewish boy lived in Germany during WWII. His life was hard. He survived over 10 concentration camps including Dachau and Auschwitz. Dachau and ...

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  • Code of honorCode of honor

    Gratz, Alan, 1972-, author.

    When Iranian-American Kamran Smith learns that his big brother, Darius, has been labelled a terrorist, he sets out to piece together the codes and clues that will save his brother's life and his country from a deadly terrorist attack.

  • GrenadeGrenade

    Gratz, Alan, 1972-, author.

    On April 1, 1945 with the battle of Okinawa beginning, fourteen-year-old native Okinawan Hideki, drafted into the Blood and Iron Student Corps, is handed two grenades and told to go kill American soldiers; small for his age Hideki does not really want to kill anyone, he just wants to find his family, and his struggle across the island will finally bring him face-to-face with Ray, a marine in his very first battle--and the choice he makes then will change his life forever.

  • The Indian in the cupboardThe Indian in the cupboard

    Banks, Lynne Reid, 1929-

    A nine-year-old boy receives a plastic Indian, a cupboard, and a little key for his birthday and finds himself involved in adventure when the Indian comes to life in the cupboard and befriends him.

  • Spilling inkSpilling ink : a young writer's handbook

    Mazer, Anne.

    After receiving letters from fans asking for writing advice,accomplished authors Anne Mazer and Ellen Potter joined together to create this guidebook for young writers. The authors mix inspirational anecdotes with practical guidance on how to find a voice, develop characters and plot, make revisions, and overcome writer's block. Fun writing prompts will help young writers jump-start their own projects, and encouragement throughout will keep them at work.

  • Switched  (#4 Fairy Tale Reform School)Switched (#4 Fairy Tale Reform School)

    author. Calonita, Jen.

    Things at Fairy Tale Reform School are great. Rumpelstiltskin has been ousted, and everyone is buzzing about the fact that Beauty and Prince Sebastian (aka the Beast) have joined the teaching staff. Everyone, that is, except Gilly. . .

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