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  • The mysterious Benedict Society and the perilous journey (#2 MB

    This book is about four kids who are very smart in different ways, and all take a test for a guy who needs them to stop the bad guy. The main characters' names are Reynie, Kate, Constance and ...

  • Code of honor

    Kamran is stuck in a US government facility. HIs brother joins the navy and gets himself in trouble. Kamran has to rescue his brother before it's too late. Will he succeed?

    This is a really good ...

  • Inheritance (#4 Inheritance Series)

    In the fourth book of the Inheritance Series, Eragon and Saphira are going with the Varden to defeat Galbatorix. Nasuada continues to lead the Varden to victory, taking over cities on her way. ...

  • The mysterious Benedict Society (#1 MBS)

    What happens when four geniuses, Rainy, Sticky, Kate, and Constance, are put together to solve a case? Madness happens in the house of Mr. Benedict. They start learning. They start plotting. They ...

  • Hatchet

    Brian is a young boy traveling to visit his father when the pilot of his plane gets a heart attack and Brian is left flying the plane. He crashes and is left in a remote part of Canada. Can he find ...

  • Walk two moons

    Phoebe is going across the country to see her mother with her grandparents. They get distracted a lot and make a lot of pit stops. It is dangerous and things fall apart and just get in the way. ...

  • The lightning thief (#1 Percy Jackson)

    This book is about how an ordinary Manhattan boy finds out he is a demigod of Poseidon the Greek god. He goes to a camp named Camp Half-Blood and starts his first quest. Meanwhile the other gods ...

  • Happy birthday, Bad Kitty

    The story Bad Kitty was very good. Bad Kitty is having some friends over for a birthday party. His parents had got him a special gift, but they didn't know if he would like it or not. They also ...

  • The lion who stole my arm

    There is a kid named Pedru. He went fishing with his friends and on the way back a lion took his arm, but Pedru got away. He tries to get his left arm stronger so he can kill the lion that took his ...

  • Prisoner B-3087

    Yanek and his mother and father live in Nazi occupied Poland. But they are Jewish. They are soon forced to share their apartment with three other families. They spend around a year in the ghetto and ...

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  • The Lost Heir  (#2 Wings of Fire GN)The Lost Heir (#2 Wings of Fire GN)

    Deutsch, Barry, author.

    Sea dragon Tsunami has returned to her mother's kingdom after spending her life hidden under a mountain. But returning comes with the price as an assassin is on the loose, killing the heirs to the throne of SeaWing Kingdom. Tsunami could be their next target.

  • The Dragonet Prophecy (#1 Wings of Fire GN)The Dragonet Prophecy (#1 Wings of Fire GN)

    Deutsch, Barry, author.

    Clay, a MudWing dragonet, sees war coming to his mountain and fellow dragons. What he does not know is that he and four other dragonets are part of a prophecy of the five chosen dragonets, but it may be that they don't want to be part of a prophecy. They may instead choose freedom over fate.

  • The Wildwood BakeryThe Wildwood Bakery

    Elliott, Rebecca, author.

    Eva the owl's class is raising money for an owl that needs a special wing chair to help her fly. Eva decides to open a bakery to compete against Sue, who opens a candy store--but in the competition they may forget that they are trying to do something good instead of beat each other.

  • Whale vs. giant squidWhale vs. giant squid

    Pallotta, Jerry, author.

    Presents information about giant squids and whales through a hypothetical fight between the two creatures. Discusses characteristics such as strength, speed, body features, and diets. Readers are prompted to decide at the end which animal would win in a fight.

  • Weird-but-true facts about the human bodyWeird-but-true facts about the human body

    Coss, Lauren, author.

    Presents a wide variety of eclectic facts about the human body, from the man who had hiccups for sixty-eight years to the number of hairs on a human head correlating to hair color.

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